Publikationen 2019

Casimir-Polder-induced Rydberg macrodimers
J. Block, S. Scheel
Phys. Rev. A 100, 062508 (2019)

Optimal design strategy for non-Abelian geometric phases using Abelian gauge fields based on quantum metric
M. Kremer, L. Teuber, S. Szameit, S. Scheel
Phys. Rev. Research 1, 033117 (2019)

Photon correlations in PT-symmetric waveguide systems
F. Klauck, L. Teuber, M. Ornigotti, M. Heinrich, S. Scheel, A. Szameit
IEEE Xplore, 17 Oktober 2019

Optimal Design Strategy of Non-Abelian Geometric Phases Based on Quantum Metric
M. Kremer, L. Teuber, A. Szameit, S. Scheel
IEEE Xplore, 17. Oktober 2019

Holonomic gates in pseudo-Hermitian quantum systems
J. Pinske, L. Teuber, S. Scheel
Phys. Rev. A 100, 042316 (2019)

Fast reconstruction of single-shot wide-angle diffraction images through deep learning
T. Stielow, R. Schmidt, C. Peltz, T. Fennel, S. Scheel
IOP Science, Machine Learning: Science and Technology, Volume 1, Number 4

Interseries transitions between Rydberg excitons in Cu2O
S. O. Krüger, S. Scheel
Phys. Rev. B 100, 085201 (2019)

Observation of PT-symmetric quantum interference
F. U. J. Klauck, L. Teuber, M. Ornigotti, M. Heinrich, S. Scheel, A. Szameit
Nature Photonics 13, pages 883–887 (2019)

Eigenenergies of excitonic giant-dipole states in cuprous oxide
M. Kurz, S. Scheel
Phys. Rev.  B 99, 075205 (2019)