Publikationen 2018

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R. Ritter, N. Gruhler, H. Dobbertin, H. Kübler, S. Scheel, W. Pernice, T. Pfau, R. Löw
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Charge-Parity violating effects in Casimir-Polder potentials
S. Y. Buhmann, V. N. Marachevsky, S. Scheel
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PT -symmetric photonic quantum systems with gain and loss do not exist
S. Scheel, A. Szameit
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Angular-Momentum Couplings in Ultra-Long-Range Giant Dipole Molecules
T. Stielow, S. Scheel, M. Kurz
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Waveguides for Rydberg excitons in Cu2O from strain traps
S. O. Krüger, S. Scheel
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